Facebook’s new messaging system and why you should be careful when switching over.

1 Dec


I found this awesome image on the Lifehacker site so all credit to them.

Facebook has announced that they will be producing a new messaging system which will unify: E-mail, SMS and instant messaging. Facebook wishes to bring all these to a single (monopolized) destination.

A big change will be that there will be a thread for each person you are in contact with. Each thread will consist of E-mails, SMS’s and IM’s. Facebook hopes that this will speed up all forms of communication.

There are a few things to consider when deciding how you will integrate the new messaging system into your life of connectivity.

1) Facebook’s image

While many acknowledge the brilliance and ingenuity of Facebook, for many people it is still seen as a leisure activity and not to be taken too seriously. If you decide to use your joesoap@facebook.com E-mail address as your primary and only address you will encounter a few problems.

You will not be taken seriously. When your formal E-mails are sent with a Facebook E-mail address people will be inclined to judge you. Yes they will judge you to be a pleb.

2) They will block it

Many companies will block the new messaging system making it hard to retrieve those important E-mails while at work.

3) Facebook knows these things too

Facebook aren’t being stupid here, they are doing what they should be: Expanding and improving what they can. Having a Facebook email account can help many Facebook related processes, such as pages, and those quick on-the-go emails will now be a little easier.

In other Facebook news, Facebook is suing Lamebook over trademark infringements. They have already successfully won cases against: Placebook, Techbook and Faceporn.


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