3 series you might not have heard of but should probably watch

17 Dec


If you have some free time, you should definitely consider watching these series.

1. Community: A successful lawyer is discovered to be without a degree. He gets disbarred and has to get a degree before he can be reinstated as a lawyer. The series follows his journey back at community college. The character to watch out for: Senor Chang, the Asian Spanish teacher, aka the Asian mafia dude for The Hangover who was locked in the boot and jumps out naked. Need I say more…

2. Sons of Tuscon: Tyler Labine, aka the main character from the series Reaper, plays a character that is very dishonest and seems to have failed at life until three kids (brothers) approach him to be their fake dad so they can get into school (their real dad is in prison). The series is about this strange relationship and what ensues as a result thereof. The character to watch out for: Robby Gunderson, the youngest brother, is a strange child who seems not entirely socially adept.

3. Modern Family: This series has made me laugh out loud (lol) on many occasions. It is presented in a mockumentary style and follows the lives of three related families. With such diversity in the extended family, many humorous and awkward situations arise. A definite must see. The character to watch out for: Phil Dunphy, one of the fathers, always tries to be the cool dad and the social person; most times, though, his attempts to be cool lead to incredibly awkward and funny circumstances.


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