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The 5 ways you could have spent new years

4 Jan


I found this on the internet and it made me laugh.



Beating the pre-christmas anxiety: daily activities

20 Dec



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1) Beach

It is getting even hotter in Cape Town, so the beaches will be awesome. Be daring and swim in the sea or chill with friends or play some footie on the beach, either way, it’s a nice way of taking advantage of good weather. But, wear lots of sun screen and be aware of crowding.

or if the beach is not for you, have a picnic at Kirstenbosch gardens.

2) Movies

Make sure you bring a pair of 3D glasses

Half Price movies at Sterkinekor on Tuesdays  for cardholders.

R18 movies at Numetro on Wednesday!

*Megamind is awesome especially in 3D (after Avatar,  it makes me wonder if the media is trying to make blue people attractive?)

3)  Christmas shopping

Canal walk has the added fun of an indoor snow arena and is bigger with a greater varied selection of stores.

Blue Route, although small and under construction, has a bag pipe player and the most realistic Father Christmas I have ever seen.

Take a walk down Long Street or up Kloof street for some more unique present ideas and while you are in the area go look at the massive 15 meter tree at the Waterfront!

Christmas market at Olimpia cafe in Kalk Bay on Tuesday the 21st of December from 5pm to 10pm

4) Carrolling and Gigs

The Waterfront has carolls in the evenings until the 23 December at 19:00-20:00pm. Also, Christmas bands play at 18:00- 19:00.

On Wednesday Glen is playing at Manuka

On Thursday the 23th December, Shen Winberg is playing at The Polana.

5) Eating out

R12 Breakfast at Beleza  until 11:30am on the corner of Kloof Nek Rd & Burnside Rd, in Tamboerskloof, Cape Town. On Wednesday.

R15 English breakfast at Mugged from 7am to 9am 37 Roeland street, Cape Town. On Wednesday.

Saul’s massive burger (see previous post: )

Have Brunch at High Tea in Fariers in 53 Constantia road Plumstead, open from 9:00-15:00.

6) the Wild Card

Half price tickets to ride the Table Mountain Cable Car after 18:00pm

Ice sating at the Waterfront

The Burger Challenge at Saul’s grill

14 Dec


The Burger challenge at Saul’s grill

If you’re looking for something extraordinary when eating out- I have found you a wonder of the eating world.  Saul’s Saloon and Grill have given us hungry males, with egos large enough to grow our stomachs to super-natural sizes, something to be excited about.

First of all: The burger challenge!

The challenge is as follows: You call over a waiter, puff out your chest and in a manly voice tell him, or preferably her, you want to “Beat the Burger!” You will then be presented with a triple stack monster burger. If you can stuff down the burger within 15 minutes your name will go on the Wall of Fame (a big board in the restaurant that will remind you of high school). If the bragging rights aren’t enough to tempt you, you will also receive a certificate (for further bragging) and a meal voucher for R50.

This challenge isn’t cheap and will cost you R120 but when considering how big the burger is it isn’t unjustified. Plus if you can win the challenge it’s more like R70 anyway.

Second…they have the biggest burger I have ever seen.

If you feel like enjoying all that delicious food instead of throwing it down your gullet, then you can order “The Biggest Burger in Town!” This burger is colossal; it is only a single stack but is spans larger than some scooter tyres. There is no prize for finishing this so take advantage and share it or eat it over the next week.

This mammoth burger will cost you R100 but once again: that’s a lot of meat for R100.

Other than these two attractions the restaurant has a relaxed feel with a variety of decently priced meals.

There is one in Wynberg:

Address: 74 Church Street
Cape Town
Tel: 087 151 4602
OPEN daily 9am ~ 2am

and one in Seapoint:

Address: 152 Main Road
Sea Point
Cape Town
Tel: 087 151 4601
OPEN 24 hours ~ 365 days a year

Here are their websites where you can find both their menus:

Apparently Christmas Carols are lame

13 Dec


I can’t believe the best time of year has not been mentioned…until now. CHRISTMAS! If the old traditions of carols by candle-light and decorating the Christmas tree has become more boring than what you remember it is definitely time to add new traditions to bring some  “Christmas spirit”.

The new sleigh

Last year while my sister and I were driving around looking for shops and Christmas presents, we discovered a new way of driving during the jolly season. This includes a few rules:

1)When in car, a Christmas hat must be worn at all times

2) A batch of mince pies must be at hand to give to the beggars at the side of the road. If not mince pies, then some other kind of treat

3) You have to say “Merry Christmas!” to anyone who makes eye-contact with you while the car is stationary, this includes being generally joyous.

4) Also, there has to be some Christmas music booming from the car radio, or singing if you do not have a car radio

The new manger

Here a Manger refers to the community of gathered people, like a house where a social gathering is taking place. Christmas is usually the time you say good bye to friends and hello to family… it shouldn’t have to be like that. This is an opportunity to see your friends and celebrate! For example: an awesome Christmas brunch! maybe before the 25th. This is also an opportunity to make others, even strangers, feel welcome (Christmas can be a surprisingly lonely time for many).

Your humble abode doesnt have to be decorated in Capitalist-enforced decoration scheme, but something that is personal and reflects what Christmas means to you. Also creating funny rules for your house over Christmas can be fun too.

Festive food and drinks

Like hot-cross buns in Easter, Christmas also has special and selective foods. We all know of the obvious: turkey, mince pies and Christmas cake/fruit cake, but there is alternatives that your stomach can venture.

1) Hot spicy apple cider


2) Gluvine (hot mulled wine)


3) Eggnog (which there are all different varieties form around the world)

some recipes:

4)Ginger bread men top the list of sweet snacks during Christmas

5) Christmas beer

6) Cola tonic (with lemon)

7)Sparkling wine with a sugar coated rimmed glass with a cherry inside.

8) instead of Christmas cake, eat Stollen (German cake)!

A new Wishlist

Usually over this holiday period, it is about composing the perfect list of desired presents. Maybe it should be about making an effort for others, attempting to make it enjoyable for others- so that everyone can appreciate this time of year. Transform what christmas usually looks like, like Elf in the movie Elf 🙂

The new/old Cliche

Honestly most of us have said we were going to hand out presents to the under-privileged  or feed the poor… but never got around to doing it. This time round take action and do something that is important to you and represents Christmas in a great way.

Take a drive down Adderley street or down the suburban Edison drive.

Lastly, when all else fails sing Christmas carols out loud to yourself in the most ear-aching voice you  can master!

Facebook’s new messaging system and why you should be careful when switching over.

1 Dec


I found this awesome image on the Lifehacker site so all credit to them.

Facebook has announced that they will be producing a new messaging system which will unify: E-mail, SMS and instant messaging. Facebook wishes to bring all these to a single (monopolized) destination.

A big change will be that there will be a thread for each person you are in contact with. Each thread will consist of E-mails, SMS’s and IM’s. Facebook hopes that this will speed up all forms of communication.

There are a few things to consider when deciding how you will integrate the new messaging system into your life of connectivity.

1) Facebook’s image

While many acknowledge the brilliance and ingenuity of Facebook, for many people it is still seen as a leisure activity and not to be taken too seriously. If you decide to use your E-mail address as your primary and only address you will encounter a few problems.

You will not be taken seriously. When your formal E-mails are sent with a Facebook E-mail address people will be inclined to judge you. Yes they will judge you to be a pleb.

2) They will block it

Many companies will block the new messaging system making it hard to retrieve those important E-mails while at work.

3) Facebook knows these things too

Facebook aren’t being stupid here, they are doing what they should be: Expanding and improving what they can. Having a Facebook email account can help many Facebook related processes, such as pages, and those quick on-the-go emails will now be a little easier.

In other Facebook news, Facebook is suing Lamebook over trademark infringements. They have already successfully won cases against: Placebook, Techbook and Faceporn.

The under R25 breakfast specials

28 Nov

Going out for breakfast has become an occasional special event. It doesn’t have to be. If you look closely there are a lot of restaurants or cafes that offer affordable breakfasts, which definitely fill that I need to eat breakfast out shaped hole in your belly. These are my findings of the below R25 category of breakfasts, and they all cover the traditional morning meal time basics. Remember breakfast is usually until 12.

Mugg and Bean

Good old Mugg and Bean’s On the Go Breakfast never fails to fulfil morning hunger calls. The nice thing about the OTG is that you can order extra toast for free, which comes free with butter and Jam. Another perk about the OTG is that you can alter it to be healthy by choosing poached eggs and rye/ whole wheat toast. M&B serves breakfast for the entire day until the kitchen closes.

OTG: Toast, 2x Eggs, 2x bacon and grilled tomato. R24.95

Café Sofia

This restaurant has a few breakfast specials. Firstly, the Sofia Special which is awesome because it comes free with coffee, secondly it has the quick muffin selection, and thirdly, a smoothie for the health conscious.

Sofia Special: Toast, 2x Eggs, becon, grilled tomato and coffee. R25

Breakfast Smoothie: Oats, White Chocolate, Yoghurt and seasonal fruit. R24

Jumbo Muffin: Muffin and cup of coffee. R19

The Food Lover’s Market

This breakfast special probably provides the most food, but is a little bit greasy—which some people may prefer.

Breakfast special: 2xeggs, toast, bacon, sausage, tomato and chips. R20


Petite: toast, 1x egg, bacon and tomato. R22

Partisan: Croissant (cinnamon/chocolate/almond) with cheese and Jam. R22

Manuka is located in the Steenberg Village centre in Tokai.


For a rather healthy alternative, Kauai has a diverse range of breakfasts. To first mention that Kauai is home to the best and a diverse range of smoothies which start from R16.95

Scrambled eggs: Scramble

d eggs with low GI bread. R19.95

Power oats: Oats with mixed dried fruit, almonds and fat free milk. R16.95

Seasonal fruit Salad: A mixed of freshly sliced and diced fruit. R22.95

Wheat-free Muesli: 50% fruit and nuts, low-fat milk and fresh banana. R18.95

Coffe and Muffin combo: A selection of amazing muffins and hot coffee. Starting from R21.50

 Jay Cee’s

This is the old Jacqui Daya, but under new management, the branding has changed but I assure you this is still the amazing good food store and restaurant—everything is the same except the name.

Breakfast special: 2xeggs, toast, bacon and grilled tomato. R25

Scrambled eggs: Specially scrambled eggs with a combination of herbs and spices on toast. R25

Jay Cee’s is situated on the main road (205) in Rondebosch, in between Dean street and Kilpper road.


Image via Wikipedia


Spur doesn’t have to be about supper, because it offers a wide range of delicious breakfast options.

Plain sman: 1xegg, 2x rashers of bacon, tomato and toast. R19.95

If you have any awesome alternatives or any alterations, add them!

Website review: You park like an A-hole!

25 Nov

Site URL: (click me!)

You Park Like an Asshole helps you to convey your feelings to fellow drivers. In our beloved country it is by no means an uncommon sight to see cars parked so badly that they make us doubt why we ever practiced so hard for our own license.

You Park Like an Asshole helps by giving us a ready-to-print card that can be filled out on site and left for the ignorant moron. Once said moron finds his violation she/he is able to see their offence and if she/he has internet access You Park Like an Asshole will enlighten her/him as to what they did wrong and how they can avoid such stupidity in the future.

An example is the Diagonal Parking: Not so cool car, seen below.

I give the following score:

Relevance and usefulness: Very very much

And that’s all that matters with this.