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The Burger Challenge at Saul’s grill

14 Dec


The Burger challenge at Saul’s grill

If you’re looking for something extraordinary when eating out- I have found you a wonder of the eating world.  Saul’s Saloon and Grill have given us hungry males, with egos large enough to grow our stomachs to super-natural sizes, something to be excited about.

First of all: The burger challenge!

The challenge is as follows: You call over a waiter, puff out your chest and in a manly voice tell him, or preferably her, you want to “Beat the Burger!” You will then be presented with a triple stack monster burger. If you can stuff down the burger within 15 minutes your name will go on the Wall of Fame (a big board in the restaurant that will remind you of high school). If the bragging rights aren’t enough to tempt you, you will also receive a certificate (for further bragging) and a meal voucher for R50.

This challenge isn’t cheap and will cost you R120 but when considering how big the burger is it isn’t unjustified. Plus if you can win the challenge it’s more like R70 anyway.

Second…they have the biggest burger I have ever seen.

If you feel like enjoying all that delicious food instead of throwing it down your gullet, then you can order “The Biggest Burger in Town!” This burger is colossal; it is only a single stack but is spans larger than some scooter tyres. There is no prize for finishing this so take advantage and share it or eat it over the next week.

This mammoth burger will cost you R100 but once again: that’s a lot of meat for R100.

Other than these two attractions the restaurant has a relaxed feel with a variety of decently priced meals.

There is one in Wynberg:

Address: 74 Church Street
Cape Town
Tel: 087 151 4602
OPEN daily 9am ~ 2am

and one in Seapoint:

Address: 152 Main Road
Sea Point
Cape Town
Tel: 087 151 4601
OPEN 24 hours ~ 365 days a year

Here are their websites where you can find both their menus:


You’re on holiday. You should do fun things.

18 Nov


Congrats to all of you who are now on holiday. I can’t express how jealous I am. Instead, I will tell you about some fun things that are happening this weekend (including tonight).


Things to watch on TV: Milk on MM1 at 7pm

Gigs: Richard Dawson plays at The Blue Water Café from 6pm. I went there on Saturday so I can testify to the fact that the music is awesome and so is the pizza.


Things to watch on TV: August Rush at 6pm on MM2. For those of you who enjoy disturbing suspense-type movies, Orphan is on MM1 at 9:40pm.

Gigs: Juggernaut + Half Price + Throatball at Mercury, R30 gets you in!

New Movies: Jackass in 3D; The Battle for Terra in 3D; Red; Liefling. And if you haven’t seen the Social Network, you should do that.


Things to watch on TV: Attention Johnny Depp fans! Public Enemies is on MM1 at 7:30pm.

Gigs: I’ll be watching 30 Seconds to Mars at the Grand West Arena.


Things to watch on TV: If you like watching movies about the end of the world, 2012 is on Mnet at 8pm.

Outdoor activities: This Sunday is the kick-off of the Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts. Just Jinger fans can buy tickets for R95 (adults) or R70 (age 6-21)

Are you looking for something fun to do this weekend?

12 Nov


Here at the Inner City State blog, we know that it takes more time to find fun things to do than to actually do them. So we’ve put together a list of some fun things that are happening all over the city this weekend.


Looking to watch some live music? 9 Olives, Toby2Shoes, Maoriginal and One Naughty Little Pig play at The Gypsy Day of the Dead at Fez. R50 gets you in!

Looking for something a little more relaxing and cost-effective? Wipeout will have you in stitches as contestants try not to bail (On Mnet at 7:30).

If you’re in the mood for a light-hearted but funny chick flick, The Ugly Truth is a winner (On MM1 at 7:00)


If you like live jazz music and pizza, The Blue Water Café at Imhoff Farm, Kommetjie is the place to be.

If you prefer a quiet night at home, The Hangover will be on MM1 at 7:00.

Some of the many awesome-looking movies that are showing at Cavendish:

The Social Network (8:15pm)

Life as we know it (7:30pm)

You again (8:00pm)

The Switch (8:15pm)

Have an awesome weekend, whatever you decide to do! 🙂

Let me tell you about the time I made eye contact with Bobby Skinstad

3 Nov


Like it or not, the good old South African braai is a custom that will never die. [For our non-South African readers, a “braai” is the South African version of a barbeque. Urban Dictionary describes it as “the only way to eat” or even “the only way to live”]. There are many reasons to have a braai; The Currie Cup Finals, the Soccer World Cup (ok pretty much any sporting event), Christmas Day, New Years Eve/Day, Birthdays, sunny days, and the list goes on.

The braai area can be (and usually is) the epitome of gender stereotypes; Men exerting their manliness by braaing everyone’s meat (and some by watching) and Women gathering in the kitchen to make salads and skinner [gossip] about pretty much anything. The feminist in me has a mental block against skinnering in the kitchen, and the image-conscious woman in me hates hanging out around the braai, walking away smelling like I bathed in its ashes.

I think the owners of Café Roux, Noordhoek, realised that many people faced this catch-22 situation. In an attempt to help solve such problems, they created “Braai Night”. No more skinnering in the kitchen (they probably wouldn’t let me in the kitchen anyway). No more men being manly around the braai (unless you work there, then you can do that). No more smelling like a braai (because I can sit inside while they braai my meat for me outside). Why would I want to spend all my money ordering expensive braai meals if I can make them myself at home? is what you’re probably wondering. Well here are some more reasons why “Braai Night” is a good idea (as if you need more reasons):

The food isn’t expensive

Steaks: R35

Chicken kebabs: R15

Boerewors rolls: R15

Salad (as much as you can fit on your plate): R35 [that includes potato bake, green salad and cous cous salad]

Line fish: R35

The place is very vibey

I walked into a very trendy, yet home-like restaurant filled with rustic tables and chairs, which were occupied by families, some of whom even brought their dogs. The staff members are incredibly friendly and helpful, which makes the experience that much more pleasant. The background music is a real treat to the ears (and to the eyes too, for some of the younger ladies), with some familiar covers that make you want to sing along.

The first time I went there I saw Bobby Skinstad

Living in the Fish Hoek area really does have its advantages sometimes. As I stepped into the restaurant I almost tripped over a little kid riding around on his bicycle. His dad asked him to move out the way for me and as I looked up I realised that his dad was in fact Bobby Skinstad. I shouldn’t have been surprised to see him, seeing that he owns the restaurant next door.

I forgot my camera at home, so this was taken with a very questionable camera phone… This is Bobby when he stands at the bar and Bobby when he eats a mouthful of food. [tip of the day: when trying to take a photo of someone without letting them see you, pretend to take a photo of someone directly in front of them (thanks mom!)]

Braai Night happens every Thursday night, so book yourself a table now, do it!

Café Roux, Noordhoek: 021 789 2538

For the men: How to impress your woman in three easy steps

29 Oct


Step one: Put on some nice clothes and make yourself smell nice.

Step two: Drive your woman to her destination of choice.

I chose the V & A Waterfront. It’s filled with years of childhood memories involving ice-cream dripping down my arms, being dragged from shop to shop until my feet hurt (thanks mom!), awkwardly being followed by a mime outside the amphitheatre (do they still do that?) and falling asleep in the car on the way home.

Step three: Pick a restaurant and order the most expensive thing on the menu.

Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of the actual meal I ordered, but I think my reasoning is justified. We arrived at The Cape Town Fish Market, looking and smelling nice.  We took our seats and began perusing the menu in search of something different. For the seafood lovers – I hope this makes you jealous. As the waiter approached us for our drinks order, My Man looked up and nonchalantly asked “How much is your crayfish?” Within seconds we had shattered our “poor student” image. Taking a photo of our meal would’ve taken us right back to square one.

As all seafood lovers do, we commenced the meal with a sushi starter. I’m new to the raw fish environment, so I still don’t know what any of the sushi is actually called (except I do know that Unagi is freshwater Eel, as well as the concept of being completely aware of your surroundings – Thanks Ross Gellar!).

We proceeded to order what we now think is the best meal we’ve ever eaten (I’ve had dreams about it more than once). The Hout Bay Platter: the biggest and juiciest Mussels I’ve ever seen, immersed in a creamy garlic sauce; Fish Cakes which aren’t my favourite, so I dipped them in the garlic sauce; the chef’s choice of grilled fish; Duo Calamari – that’s one portion of crumbed calamari and tartar sauce and one portion of grilled calamari heads, which even includes a few sets of tenticles; Grilled Prawns – my absolute favourite; Grilled crayfish – first time in my life I’ve had the privilege of eating something that I have always considered exotic; to finish off we had hot chips!

Since I don’t have a photo of this legendary meal, I took the liberty of creating my own interpretation of what the meal looked like. Bare in mind that I got all but one photo off Google Images, so the real thing looks different. I guess the only way you’ll know what it really looks like is if you go to CTFM and order it 🙂