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Photo Series of the Week [Awkward Family Christmas Photos]

23 Dec


Photo Series of the Week [awkward iPhone moments]

15 Dec


All the cool kids have iPhones. All iPhones have awkward moments thanks to their auto correct function. I found these on

How to fix your bald spot:

Awkward Christmas songs:

Decorating outside:

Bad Christmas gift ideas:

Feliz Navidad:

Awkward family text:

Who you ate:

For more:

Photo Series of the Week [the girl who transforms herself into Jared Leto]

10 Dec

In order to make sense of the Photo of the Week, you need to see the photos which describe the process…

How to transform yourself into Jared Leto in four easy steps


Step One: Do some crazy Make Up tricks

Step Two: If you are a girl, give yourself some fake facial hair

Step Three: Get some manly eyebrows

Step Four: Put on your Jared Leto wig

The Final Product:

Photo of the Week

3 Dec

This is why I’m glad Movember is over…

Photos of the Week [Part Two]

26 Nov

Photos of the Week [Part One]

25 Nov

We didn’t get a chance to put up a Photo of the Week last week, so to make it up to you we’ll put up two this week.

In honour of Thanksgiving…

Photo of the Week

12 Nov


What makes this so special?

It’s a cake.