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Holiday Activities to keep you occupied for the next week

9 Dec


Thursday 9 December

Tv: Isochronous on MK at 7:30 – you can vote for Isochronous in the MK Awards Best Live Act Category by clicking on this link:

So You Think You Can Dance – the final at 8:30 on Series

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 on MM1 at 8:45

Gig: Matthew Mole plays at Café Roux tonight

Richard Dawson plays at The Blue Water Café from 7 til 9

Happy Birthday to: Kara DioGuardi, Felicity Huffman, Donny Osmond

Friday 10 December

Event: Barefoot against poverty – At 12 noon everyone is taking off their shoes. For more info check out

Snow at Canal Walk from 10 – 30 December

Movies: Chronicles of Narnia in 3D and Paranormal Activity 2

TV: Step Brothers on MM2 at 8:40

Gig: The Plastics + Red Huxley at Zula Bar

Happy Birthday to: Raven-Symoné

Saturday 11 December

Event: MBC Christmas Market – browse the stalls for Christmas gifts, hangout in the food court and be entertained by live music courtesy of Glen Hartmann, Matthew Mole and Richard Dawson

Gig: The Assembly’s 3rd Birthday Bash with: Gazelle, Ashtray Electric and Friends. R50 gets you in!

TV: Fame on Mnet at 8:15

Step Up 2 on Mzansi Magic at 8pm

Happy Birthday to: Rider Strong

Sunday 12 December

TV: The Rocker on MM2 at 8pm

2 Fast 2 Furious on MM1 at 7pm

Gig: Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts – Freshly Ground R95 for adults and R70 if you’re between 6 and 21

Happy Birthday to: Jennifer Connelly, Frank Sinatra

Monday 13 December

TV: My Family at 7:30 and The Amazing Race at 8pm on SABC 3

Fear Factor on ETV at 8pm

Event: Theatre Sports at the Intimate Theatre (Orange Street, Gardens) R40 a ticket!

Happy Birthday to: Taylor Swift, Amy Lee (Evanescence), Tom DeLonge, Jamie Foxx

Tuesday 14 December

Specials: St Elmo’s Tempting Tuesday special – 2 Large pizzas for R79.90 (that’s R40 for a large pizza!!)

TV: Funny People on MM1 at 9pm

Exhibition: Photography, Paintings and Ceramics Exhibition at Raw Vision Gallery (89 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock)

Happy Birthday to: Vanessa Hudgens, Michael Owen

Wednesday 15 December

Gig: Glen Hartmann plays at Manuka, Steenberg at 6:30

Taxi Violence at Zula Bar, Long Street

TV: Modern Family at 7pm and Big Bang Theory at 7:30 on Mnet

Happy Birthday to: Adam Brody

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Ratanga Junction opens again this Friday! [and other fun things that are happening this week]

2 Dec


Thursday 2 December

TV: Balls of Fury MM2 8pm

Gig: Classics Party at Mercury R20

Assembly Miller Music Series [Die Heuwels Fantasties + Thieve + Stone Age Citizens + DJ Sideshow – R50 Pre-sale, R70 at the door]

Production: 2-5 December – Dance Joint Student Concert 2010 at the Artscape Arena

Happy birthday to: Britney Spears, Nelly Furtado, Monica Seles and Lucy Liu.

Friday 3 December

Ratanga Junction opens again! Tickets cost R142 for adults and R70 for kids

Movies: Spud at Cavendish

TV: Reality – Top Chef 7:30; The Bachelor 8:30 both on Series

Gig: Mercury – iScream & the Chocolate Stix + Reburn + Little Kings

Discotheque at The Assembly

Happy birthday to: Holly Marie Combs, Brendan Fraser, Daryl Hannah, Julianne Moore and Ozzy Osbourne.

Saturday 4 December

TV: The Incredible Hulk MM2 8:00; America’s Got Talent on Series 6:30

Gig: Homegrown Drum and Bass

Obz fest at Gandalfs, R.O.A.R and Pandemonium

Production: The Most Amazing Show Live! At the Baxter Concert Hall

Happy birthday to: Tyra Banks, Jay-Z and Marisa Tomei.

Sunday 5 December

TV: The Final Destination MM1 7pm; The Time Traveler’s Wife Mnet 8pm; Meet the Spartans MM2 8pm

Gig: Mango Groove at Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts Adults R95 Age 6-21 R70

Production: 5 December – 28 February – Mince on Broadway

Happy birthday to: Frankie Muniz.

Monday 6 December

TV: Fear Factor 8pm on ETV; My Family 7:30 SABC 3; Amazing Race 8pm SABC 3

Food special: Spur – Buy one Get one free

Production: The Beach Boys – Endless Summer at the Grandwest Arena

Happy birthday to: Steven Wright.

Tuesday 7 December

TV: Chuck on Mnet 7:30; So You Think You Can Dance 8:30 on Series

Special: Half price movies at Ster Kinekor [note: for all you regular Blue Route movie-watchers, they have recently increased their price to R35 a ticket, so if you have a card it’ll be R17.50 on Tuesdays]

Production: 7 December – 15 January – Satisfaction on Broadway

Happy birthday to: Aaron Carter, Tom Waits, Ellen Burstyn.

Wednesday 8 December

TV: Big Bang Theory on Mnet at 7:30

Gig: Glen Hartmann at Manuka, Steenberg: No entrance fee, but you are encouraged to buy food [Manuka baskets come with chips, topped with crumbed mushrooms, chicken strips, pork riblets and bratwurst medallions – R89] Join us for some live music!

Happy birthday to: Sinead O’Connor, Teri Hatcher, Kim Basinger, Sammy Davis Jnr.

PS: if you’re looking at the post and wondering why your super awesome event isn’t included, it’s probably because you haven’t told me about it. So email me:

Your Weekend Activity Guide

26 Nov



Stand up Comedy – Well-known comedian Christopher Titus is in Cape Town tonight. If you don’t know who he is, take a look at this link:

TV – If you’re a fan of reality shows: Wipeout (Mnet 7:00) Top Chef (Series 7:30) The Bachelor (Series 8:30) and a suspense/horror movie: Prom Night (MM2 9:45)

Movies – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows comes out tonight!

Restaurant – You’re watching Harry Potter at Cavendish, so why not go to Gourmet Burger for a meal and a Lindt Chocolate milkshake?


Gig – Son of 1000 Blues – Purple Turtle

Gig – Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project. If you don’t know what that is… top DJ’s from Berlin will be part of the line-up which also includes food, fashion, music, cocktails and more – check out this link for more details:

TV – Iron Man (Mnet 7pm) Knowing (MM1 7pm) Taken (Mnet 9pm)


Gig – Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts (TKZee with Khuli Chana) R75  for adults and R50 if you’re between the ages of 6 and 21

Gig – Submerged Sundays With Goldfish and Special Guests at Ignite, Camps Bay, Every Sunday at the Promenade centre opposite the beach! R30 cover charge, the gig starts at 7pm but it is advisable to be there by 6pm

TV – Law Abiding Citizens (Mnet 8:30)

Production – Annie at the Artscape. The show will be running for a few more weeks, so get yourself a ticket at computicket

Keep an eye out for the “Photos of the Week” Part Two, coming out later today. Until then, I leave you with this… It’s a clip of the Top 10 worst wipeouts on the show Wipeout (it’s on Mnet tonight at 7pm):

Jared Leto: South Africa howz it bru!!!

21 Nov


You know that feeling when your bladder is so full it is about to burst but there is no part of you that wants to get up and go to the bathroom for fear of missing out on two minutes of awesomeness? I had that feeling. Last night. “You mofo’s wish you were here!!” – Jared Leto. He was right. While on stage, Jared tweeted, so I thought I’d show you:

I WAS there!!

30 Seconds to Mars performed at the Grand West Arena in Cape Town last night. Their show was spectacular to say the least. The opening song, A beautiful lie, was preceded by African drums which gave a distinctly African uniqueness to their concert. Popular songs, among others, such as From yesterday, Hurricane, This is war, Fantasy, Search and destroy, and Kings and queens were performed.

And for those of you who worried, don’t, because The kill was played. Jared started with a solo acoustic performance of the song while the crowd sang along with cell phones and lighters in hand. Then after the lights dimmed the rest of the band rejoined the stage and pumped the familiar chorus lyrics “Come, break me down…” Oh yes.

Jared shared some interesting trivia with the crowd, which might be of some interest. Some of his songs were written in, and inspired by, South Africa. He shared the story of how he wrote Was it a dream? while relaxing in a house in Camps Bay (a suburb in Cape Town) during a windy and rainy day. Also, The kill was finished in South Africa. And lastly, Jared wrote the lyrics of Kings and queens (except for one verse) in South Africa after performing at My Coke Fest.

Finally, tonight is sold out, so if you don’t get to see them, don’t worry. Jared said that he wants to come back here as soon as possible. He wanted to return in 6 months time, but the organisers said he should return after 18 months. So expect to see them back here in the next 6-18 months for more AWESOMENESS!!

As a parting gift, here is a video of their opening song. You can’t see much (such is the curse of the iPhone video), but the audio quality is pretty good (such is the blessing of the iPhone video):

You’re on holiday. You should do fun things.

18 Nov


Congrats to all of you who are now on holiday. I can’t express how jealous I am. Instead, I will tell you about some fun things that are happening this weekend (including tonight).


Things to watch on TV: Milk on MM1 at 7pm

Gigs: Richard Dawson plays at The Blue Water Café from 6pm. I went there on Saturday so I can testify to the fact that the music is awesome and so is the pizza.


Things to watch on TV: August Rush at 6pm on MM2. For those of you who enjoy disturbing suspense-type movies, Orphan is on MM1 at 9:40pm.

Gigs: Juggernaut + Half Price + Throatball at Mercury, R30 gets you in!

New Movies: Jackass in 3D; The Battle for Terra in 3D; Red; Liefling. And if you haven’t seen the Social Network, you should do that.


Things to watch on TV: Attention Johnny Depp fans! Public Enemies is on MM1 at 7:30pm.

Gigs: I’ll be watching 30 Seconds to Mars at the Grand West Arena.


Things to watch on TV: If you like watching movies about the end of the world, 2012 is on Mnet at 8pm.

Outdoor activities: This Sunday is the kick-off of the Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts. Just Jinger fans can buy tickets for R95 (adults) or R70 (age 6-21)

Weird song titles and an awesome weekend ahead

17 Nov


So in case you have not heard, 30 Seconds to Mars is playing in Cape Town this weekend. And I’ll admit I was not expecting to go, but then my girlfriend surprised me with tickets the day I finished my exams (yesterday). I’m not one for PDAs but when your girlfriend does something that cool, you gotta give her a cyber pat on the back and say, “Well done kitchen”. So 30 Seconds to Mars. Woop woop.

While their music is incredibly good, their song titles raise questions such as, “What does that even mean??!”. They are truly strange. From their latest album, This is War, we see names such as, Vox Populi (??) and L490. From their self titled album we see names such as, Buddha for Mary. I just DON’T UNDERSTAND… If you understand, let me know.

Moving along… This weekend, if you have nothing to do (even if you do have something, cancel it, seriously!!) you should go to the 30 Seconds to Mars concert. It is not every day that a world class international band plays in South Africa. They play in Johannesburg on the 19th (this Friday) and then in Cape Town on the 20th and 21st (Saturday and Sunday). Of course Cape Town is the lucky city.

If you want tickets, follow this link, you WILL NOT regret it:

I will be doing a follow up post next week to tell those who did not go how awesome it was.

Here is a little taste of what is to come:


Are you looking for something fun to do this weekend?

12 Nov


Here at the Inner City State blog, we know that it takes more time to find fun things to do than to actually do them. So we’ve put together a list of some fun things that are happening all over the city this weekend.


Looking to watch some live music? 9 Olives, Toby2Shoes, Maoriginal and One Naughty Little Pig play at The Gypsy Day of the Dead at Fez. R50 gets you in!

Looking for something a little more relaxing and cost-effective? Wipeout will have you in stitches as contestants try not to bail (On Mnet at 7:30).

If you’re in the mood for a light-hearted but funny chick flick, The Ugly Truth is a winner (On MM1 at 7:00)


If you like live jazz music and pizza, The Blue Water Café at Imhoff Farm, Kommetjie is the place to be.

If you prefer a quiet night at home, The Hangover will be on MM1 at 7:00.

Some of the many awesome-looking movies that are showing at Cavendish:

The Social Network (8:15pm)

Life as we know it (7:30pm)

You again (8:00pm)

The Switch (8:15pm)

Have an awesome weekend, whatever you decide to do! 🙂