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Photo Series of the Week [Awkward Family Christmas Photos]

23 Dec


Photo Series of the Week [awkward iPhone moments]

15 Dec


All the cool kids have iPhones. All iPhones have awkward moments thanks to their auto correct function. I found these on damnyouautocorrect.com:

How to fix your bald spot:

Awkward Christmas songs:

Decorating outside:

Bad Christmas gift ideas:

Feliz Navidad:

Awkward family text:

Who you ate:

For more: damnyouautocorrect.com

Why you should NEVER dance like me

8 Oct


Here in the city, we as its citizens are afforded a number of super cool  things to do. But sometimes these activities can degenerate into pure  awkwardness. And although I am actually super-humanly immune to  being awkward (this is truth), I have on occasion felt the pulse of  awkward flowing through my veins.

This one time… at Homegrown, an event at Mercury (drum and bass  music is played all night; everyone should make the pilgrimage to  Homegrown at least once in their life!), the dance floor got pretty  packed. You could really only bob on your knees to dance: I couldn’t  even break out my insanely spectacular hip-hop moves to woo the  dancers into a dancing competition like in Step Up 3 3D.

Anyway, every once in a while the drum and bass would break down  into hectic dubstep, and this posed a problem. Because I naturally have the rhythm flowing through me, my body couldn’t resist jamming appropriately to this heart-felt dubstep. So I started head-banging on a crowded dance floor. BAD MOVE. As I got into one particular head thrust, my head conveniently found its way onto a random girl’s head, hard. I totally head-butted this girl like a bouncer would head-but an underage dude picking a fight. Wow, so awkward. How do you fix that on a crowded dance floor pumping really loud music??

And then a few minutes later, because the rhythm overrode my common sense, the same thing happened: but as I head-butted a different girl I got stabbed in the head by a hair clip. Clearly this girl had been head-butted before and so wore protective armour. So this time, more painful than awkward.

And that’s how you make a super cool event awkward.

So what’s the moral of the story? If you’re looking for a way to enjoy one of your Saturdays of the month (or don’t know what dubstep or drum and bass music sounds like) then you should totally check out Homegrown at Mercury!! The music makes for an enjoyable night. Moral number 2: when the dubstep starts playing, DO NOT HEAD BANG, this is very important. You don’t want to head-but random people. Unless of course, you have already head-butted two females, because you know what they say, third time lucky.