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The Burger Challenge at Saul’s grill

14 Dec


The Burger challenge at Saul’s grill

If you’re looking for something extraordinary when eating out- I have found you a wonder of the eating world.  Saul’s Saloon and Grill have given us hungry males, with egos large enough to grow our stomachs to super-natural sizes, something to be excited about.

First of all: The burger challenge!

The challenge is as follows: You call over a waiter, puff out your chest and in a manly voice tell him, or preferably her, you want to “Beat the Burger!” You will then be presented with a triple stack monster burger. If you can stuff down the burger within 15 minutes your name will go on the Wall of Fame (a big board in the restaurant that will remind you of high school). If the bragging rights aren’t enough to tempt you, you will also receive a certificate (for further bragging) and a meal voucher for R50.

This challenge isn’t cheap and will cost you R120 but when considering how big the burger is it isn’t unjustified. Plus if you can win the challenge it’s more like R70 anyway.

Second…they have the biggest burger I have ever seen.

If you feel like enjoying all that delicious food instead of throwing it down your gullet, then you can order “The Biggest Burger in Town!” This burger is colossal; it is only a single stack but is spans larger than some scooter tyres. There is no prize for finishing this so take advantage and share it or eat it over the next week.

This mammoth burger will cost you R100 but once again: that’s a lot of meat for R100.

Other than these two attractions the restaurant has a relaxed feel with a variety of decently priced meals.

There is one in Wynberg:

Address: 74 Church Street
Cape Town
Tel: 087 151 4602
Email: info@sauls.co.za
OPEN daily 9am ~ 2am

and one in Seapoint:

Address: 152 Main Road
Sea Point
Cape Town
Tel: 087 151 4601
Email: info@sauls.co.za
OPEN 24 hours ~ 365 days a year

Here are their websites where you can find both their menus: